Choosing Insulation

choosing-smallWe can supply and advise on a full range of insulation to suit your requirements.

There are several questions to consider before making an insulation decision:

Level of comfort

  • How good is the insulation at its job?
  • Its effectiveness is measured by its R-value.

Cost comparison

  • How does the cost of the insulation compare with similar products?
  • A fair price comparison should include the sq metre coverage and the insulation value (R-value) of that coverage.


  • How much recycled content does the insulation have?
  • Is the insulation made locally?

Product safety

  • Fire safe – will the insulation catch alight if there is a fire or is it non-combustible?
  • Safe to use – is the insulation proven to be safe to use?


  • Does the insulation have an independent confirmation of its quality and life span (a BRANZ appraisal)?
  • Is it made by a reputable company with a long track record of manufacturing insulation?