Any ceiling insulation needs to be professionally installed and thick enough to work in your environment.


North Island
(excluding Central Plateau)
South Island and Central Plateau
Ceilings with 0-75mm of existing insulation R2.8 blanket or R3.4 segment insulation R3.2 blanket or R4.0 segment insulation
Ceilings with 75-120mm of existing insulation R1.8 blanket insulation R2.4 blanket  or R2.6 segment insulation

If your house has more than one storey, you only need to insulate the main upper ceiling. However, you might want to insulate ceilings between floors if the ground floor is a separate flat. This can be done with sound-proofing insulation to control noise – giving you two benefits for the price of one!

Choosing insulation material

Ceiling insulation can be made from polyester, wool, fibreglass and a range of other materials. Your professional installer will advise which is best for your home. If you are comparing different types of insulation, remember to check the following:

  • The insulation product should have been tested to the AS/NZS 4859.1 Standard. Look for a AS/NZS 4859.1 compliance statement on the packaging.
  • In addition, look for manufacturers’ performance guarantees offered on the products

ceilingWhich is best – segments or blanket insulation?

Insulation may be sold as segments, which fit between the joists above your ceiling, or blankets, which are rolled out across the top of the ceiling and over the joists.

Take extra care around downlights, fans, chimneys and flues

Downlights, extractor fans, chimneys and flues can produce a lot of heat, so special care needs to be taken during installation. This is why the government recommends having your insulation installed by a professional.

If you have recessed downlights and insulation, you should check your ceiling insulation occasionally. This is to make sure it hasn’t slumped towards your downlights, creating a fire hazard.

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