Insulation means a warmer home

But the benefits don’t end there. You can also save money on winter heating bills, and ensure a healthier home for your family to live in.

  • A warmer, drier home is better for your health, especially if you have respiratory illness or other conditions aggravated by cold and damp conditions.
  • World Health Organisation research shows that if your home is constantly below 18°C, you are much more likely to suffer from colds, bronchitis or asthma. One in six New Zealand adults and one in four children experience asthma symptoms – among the highest rates in the world.
  • According to a University of Otago study, better heating and insulation cut hospital admissions for respiratory conditions by 38% and energy use by 19%.
  • Installing the correct ceiling insulation can save you up to $400 a year on home heating costs. A fully insulated house needs about half the heating of an uninsulated house.
  • Enjoy life more! A well insulated home gives you a cooler summer and a warmer winter.

uninsulated_houseHow is heat lost?

Heat escapes from your home in two main ways:

  • Air infiltration, when hot air escapes through cracks, gaps, holes, or open chimneys, and is replaced by cold air.
  • Conduction, when heat escapes directly through the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, skylights and doors.

If your house is draughty, any insulation you install won’t be able to do its job properly. Make sure you pay attention to air leakage from your house at the same time you improve the insulation.


What to insulate in an existing house

  • First, insulate your ceiling. Hot air rises, so most heat is lost through the ceiling.
  • Next, insulate under your floor because if the floor is cold, you’ll feel cold. Cold air is drawn up through your floor caused by the hot air rising to your ceiling.
  • Walls are more difficult and expensive, so this job is best left for when you completely renovate rooms or the whole house.
  • Likewise, the best time to install double glazing is when you’re replacing windows.

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